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"Decowood" is a brand that produces decorative polyurethane beams. If you want to give your home a handful of raisins (uniqueness), a pinch of taste and style, decorative beams often come to the rescue. Because they can set the desired atmosphere in the room.

Let's take a look at what decorative beams made from a material such as polyurethane are, and what their advantages are over standard ones - wood. When you hear the word “false beams”, you shouldn’t be scared, we are talking about polyurethane beams. The fact is that this material imitates wood, which is why it has this name. The beams are specially designed with the design of old wood, which was hewn with an ax, which will give the room warmth and comfort. In our store you will find decorative Decowood beams of different sizes, textures and colors, it all depends on the intended design.

Decowood brand beams contain many advantages that few people are aware of. We will open this veil for you:

In recent years, decorative beams made of polyurethane have been increasingly used in interior design, because they are cheaper than wood and have a considerable list of advantages. When the task is to give the house coziness, family warmth and a new design, so that guests say “wow” - this is about decorative Decowood beams.

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